Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Growing Adolescent and Young Adult Opportunities

Growing Adolescent and Young Adult Opportunities 

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis that may require different supports through each phase of a person’s life.  We believe everyone deserves the opportunities to reach their own personal best.  We are committed to providing these opportunities to our adolescents and young adults that will prepare them for each transition in life.

Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism and Bittersweet inc. collaboration
In 2006, the Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism (GLCA) began hosting yearly fundraising campaigns with the sole purpose of investing all money raised back into LOCAL programs and services.  Since then, we have raised and distributed over $1 million into Northwest Ohio.  In addition to this fundraising, we have worked in collaboration with other organizations to secure close to $2 million in grant funding for new programs and services.

The GLCA will continue to fundraise and award community grants and scholarship funding each year.  In addition, we wanted to focus on a specific area of need in our community where we can make a significant impact. As a result, the GLCA sought a 3 year partner to begin this new initiative.

We are excited to begin a transition to employment program with our partner Bittersweet inc.  This program will focus on providing the necessary social skills, curriculum, vocational training, and employment opportunities for students in high school.  The goal of this program will be to secure employment for students upon graduation.