Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

News Friday, August 5th, 2016

Transition Guide

TRAN is a coalition of organizations who recognize the importance of working together for the benefit of individuals with autism.   Members work together to identify areas of need and initiatives that will ensure the best care, services, support, and opportunities for families in our community. 

One area TRAN is currently focusing on is providing support and opportunities for adolescent and young adults with ASD.   TRAN members know educators and professionals do the best they can in providing information to our families, yet often there is still confusion about which agencies families should contact and/or even what ages they should begin planning for the next phase.  As a result, a working group of autism service providers, school representatives, and parents worked together to create a transition to
adulthood guide and glossary of resources. 

 The transition guide was designed to be a helpful tool in navigating this transitional time.  It provides ideas on what families/caregivers and individuals with ASD may want to begin considering in regards to education, employment, and independent living between the ages of 14-16, 16-18, and 18-22.  The glossary provides agency and contact information for each resource listed in the transition guide.

 Feel free to share this transition guide and glossary with the individuals and families you serve.  TRAN members understand this guide is not an exhaustive list of paths or ideas to explore, but it is a sincere hope it will provide helpful information and some assistance in planning for families and educators in Northwest Ohio.